Measuring the Ages of z˜1 Galaxies

Type Conference Paper
Names Marsha J. Wolf, Niv Drory, Karl Gebhardt, Gary J. Hill
Conference Name Multiwavelength Mapping of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Pages 477
Date 2005
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract One approach to studying the epoch of galaxy formation is to infer formation redshifts from the ages of galaxies at known redshifts. When observed with optical instruments, galaxies lying at redshifts of z ~ 1 reveal their restframe UV spectra, which contain some features that show promise for breaking age-metallicity degeneracies inherent in techniques used for estimating galaxy ages. Early-type galaxies around the z ~ 1 epoch are of additional interest because they lie only a few Gyrs after the probable peak when galaxy mergers occurred. The spectra of young galaxies, such as these merger products, with ages of 1-5 Gyr are much more distinguishable than those of older galaxies, which results in more accurate age estimates.
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