X-ray observations of the recurrent nova RS Oph in quiescence

Type Conference Paper
Names Thomas Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Koji Mukai, Marina Orio, Juan Luna, Jeno Sokoloski
Conference Name Chandra's First Decade of Discovery
Pages 167
Date September 1, 2009
URL http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2009cfdd.confE.167N
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We present Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi (RS Oph) carried out 1.5 and 2 years after the 2006 outburst. The observed X-ray emission is faint (L_{x} < 10^{32} erg s^{-1}) and dominated by soft emission at energies <2 keV. This component is well described by a two temperature plasma model with non-solar abundances consistent with those derived by Ness et al. (2009) from high resolution spectra obtained during outburst. A faint hard component is also detected, and is consistent with a cooling flow typical of accreting white dwarfs, although with a low maximum temperature and implied accretion rate. We discuss the physical mechanisms that are likely responsible for these emission components. We find evidence of high intrinsic absorption in the system which may resolve the apparent contradiction between the low observed X-ray luminosity and the high mass accretion rate onto the white dwarf required to power a nova outburst every ˜20 yrs.
Tags Compact Objects
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