Magnetic Cycles and Meridional Circulation in Global Models of Solar Convection

Type Conference Paper
Names Mark S. Miesch, Benjamin P. Brown, Matthew K. Browning, Allan Sacha Brun, Juri Toomre
Conference Name IAU Symposium
Volume 271
Pages 261-269
Date August 1, 2011
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We review recent insights into the dynamics of the solar convection zone obtained from global numerical simulations, focusing on two recent developments in particular. The first is quasi-cyclic magnetic activity in a long-duration dynamo simulation. Although mean fields comprise only a few percent of the total magnetic energy they exhibit remarkable order, with multiple polarity reversals and systematic variability on time scales of 6-15 years. The second development concerns the maintenance of the meridional circulation. Recent high-resolution simulations have captured the subtle nonlinear dynamical balances with more fidelity than previous, more laminar models, yielding more coherent circulation patterns. These patterns are dominated by a single cell in each hemisphere, with poleward and equatorward flow in the upper and lower convection zone respectively. We briefly address the implications of and future of these modeling efforts.
Tags Convection, MHD, SUN: INTERIOR, dynamo
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