Environments for Magnetic Field Amplification by Cosmic Rays

Type Journal Article
Names Ellen G. Zweibel, John E. Everett
Publication The Astrophysical Journal
Volume 709
Issue 2
Pages 1412-1419
Date February 1, 2010
URL http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2010ApJ...709.1412Z
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Abstract We consider a recently discovered class of instabilities, driven by cosmic ray streaming, in a variety of environments. We show that although these instabilities have been discussed primarily in the context of supernova-driven interstellar shocks, they can also operate in the intergalactic medium and in galaxies with weak magnetic fields, where, as a strong source of helical magnetic fluctuations, they could contribute to the overall evolution of the magnetic field. Within the Milky Way, these instabilities are strongest in warm ionized gas and appear to be weak in hot, low density gas unless the injection efficiency of cosmic rays is very high.
Tags COSMIC RAYS, Instabilities, Magnetic Fields
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