Simulations of Cluster Heating by AGN Outflows

Type Conference Paper
Names Brian J. Morsony, Sebastian Heinz, Mateusz Ruszkowski, Marcus Br├╝ggen
Proceedings Title AIP Conference Series
Conference Name The Monster's Fiery Breath: Feedback in Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters
Place Melville, NY
Publisher American Institute of Physics
Volume 1201
Pages 313-316
Series AIP Conference Proceedings
Date December 1, 2009
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We present a series of hydrodynamic simulations of AGN jets in galaxy clusters. We examine the effect of different jet luminosities from cluster centered AGN on the cluster and the effect of a non-central AGN moving through the cluster. We find a strong dependence of the volume impacted by the AGN on AGN luminosity for cluster center AGN. We also find that a non-central AGN affects a much larger volume for the same energy input, due to the lower density gas surrounding outside the center of the cluster.
Tags BRIGHTNESS, Clusters of Galaxies, Galactic nuclei, Galaxy clusters, Jets and bursts, Luminosities, Magnitudes and colors, and bulges, circumnuclear matter, galactic winds and fountains, jets
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