Progress On A New Catalog Of Intermediate Velocity Clouds Using The Leiden-Argentina-Bonn HI All-sky Survey

Type Conference Paper
Names Christopher M. Witt, B. Wakker, T. D. Engel, M. C. Gostisha, E. Thomson, L. Stratman, R. A. Benjamin
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #217, #251.3
Volume 43
Date January 1, 2011
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We present progress towards the creation of a new all-sky catalog of intermediate velocity clouds using the Leiden/Argentina/Bonn (LAB) Galactic HI survey. We have developed a Gaussian fitting program to fit individual spectra. Each spectra is initially fit automatically with a set of Gaussians, and then reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, by hand by our undergraduate team. When a satisfactory fit is found, it is submitted for review and adjustment by the senior team member. Intermediate clouds and complexes are formed by grouping Gaussian components by velocity and section of the sky. When complete, this will be the first all-sky catalog of intermediate velocity clouds, which can be compared to dynamical models of the Galactic fountain flows. We present preliminary results for the catalog in the sky with Galactic latitude greater than 45 degrees. This research was supported by NASA ATP grant NNX10AI70G to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
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