Far-Infrared Polarimetry of the Interstellar Medium

Type Conference Paper
Names J. E. Vaillancourt, C. D. Dowell, T. J. Jones, G. Novak, D. T. Chuss, R. M. Crutcher, J. L. Dotson, D. A. Harper, R. H. Hildebrand, M. Houde, M. M. Krejny, A. Lazarian, L. Looney, I. M. Stephens, K. Tassis, M. W. Werner
Conference Name EAS Publications Series
Volume 52
Pages 259-262
Date November 1, 2011
URL http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2011EAS....52..259V
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract Polarimetry at far-infrared wavelengths is a key tool for studying physical processes on size scales ranging from interstellar dust grains to entire galaxies. A multi-wavelength continuum polarimeter at these wavelengths will allow studies of thermal dust polarization in an effort to constrain the grains' physical properties and test grain alignment theory. High spatial resolution (5-30 arcsec) and sensitive observations will measure the influence of magnetic fields on infrared cirrus clouds, the envelopes and disks of YSOs, outflows from both low- and high-mass star forming regions, and the relative strength of magnetic, gravitational, and turbulent effects in star- and cloud-formation.
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