Collapsars as the progenitors of Gamma-Ray Bursts

Type Conference Paper
Names Davide Lazzati, Brian J. Morsony
Proceedings Title AIP Conference Proceedings
Conference Name Gamma Ray Bursts 2010. AIP Conference Proceedings.
Place Melville, NY
Publisher American Institute of Physics
Volume 1358
Pages 293-298
Series AIP Conference Proceedings
Date August 1, 2011
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract The observations of GRB 030329/SN2003dh [1, 2] and, subsequently, of various other events, have proven beyond reasonable doubt that at least some long-duration GRBs are associated with the death of massive, compact stars. In this review I will briefly outline the history of the association and describe the open questions and recent advances in our understanding of the properties of long-duration GRB progenitors.
Tags Black holes, EXPLOSIONS, Masses, Nuclear explosion seismology, Relativity and gravitation, STELLAR MASS, relativity
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