Division IV / Working Group on Massive Stars

Type Journal Article
Names Joachim Puls, Claus Leitherer, Stan Owocki, Paul Crowther, Margaret Hanson, Artemio Herrero, Norbert Langer, Stan Owocki, Gregor Rauw, Nicole St-Louis, Richard Townsend
Publication Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, Series B
Volume 7
Issue T28
Pages 207-210
Date April 1, 2012
URL http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2012IAUTB..28..207P
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract Our Working Group (WG) studies massive, luminous stars, both individually and in resolved and unresolved populations, with historical focus on early-type (OB) stars, A-supergiants, and Wolf-Rayet stars. Our group also studies lower mass stars (e.g., central stars of planetary nebulae and their winds) which display features similar or related to those present in massive stars, and thus may improve our understanding of the physical processes occurring in massive stars. In recent years, massive red supergiants that evolve from hot stars have been included into our activities as well. We emphasize the role of massive stars in other branches of astrophysics, particularly regarding the First Stars, long duration Gamma-Ray bursts, formation of massive stars and their feedback on star formation in general, pulsations of massive stars, and starburst galaxies.
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