The dust distribution in late-type low surface brightness disks

Type Conference Paper
Names John MacLachlan, Lynn Matthews, Kenny Wood, Jay Gallagher
Conference Name IAU Symposium
Volume 284
Pages 101-103
Date August 1, 2012
DOI 10.1017/S1743921312008824
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract Late-type low surface brightness (LSB) disk galaxies are common in the local universe and appear dynamically and chemically under evolved compared to their high surface brightness (HSB) counterparts. We have utilized multi-wavelength imaging and photometry of three edge-on, low-mass LSB disk galaxies to investigate the dust distribution in such systems. Through the use of Monte Carlo radiation transfer models to interpret the data, we find that the dust disk appears to have a vertical scale height similar to the stellar disk. This is in contrast to previous findings from HSB galaxies, where the dust is believed to be more concentrated in the galactic mid-plane. We believe the change in the relative scale heights of the dust and stellar disks is likely associated with the increased stability of the ISM against vertical collapse and the thin nature of the stellar disks.
Tags Galaxies: ISM, RADIATIVE TRANSFER, galaxies: spiral
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