Commission 28: Galaxies

Type Journal Article
Names Roger L. Davies, John S. Gallagher, Fran├žoise Combes, Stephane J. Courteau, Avishai Dekel, Marijn Franx, Chanda J. Jog, Shardha Jogee, Naomasa Nakai, Monica Rubio, Linda J. Tacconi, Elena Terlevich
Publication Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, Series B
Volume 7
Issue T28
Pages 255-259
Date April 1, 2012
Short Title Commission 28
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract The membership of Commission 28 is so large, and the spread of research interests so broad, that the research highlights presented here of necessity represent just a small subset of the work carried out over the past three years. Progress in the area of galaxy evolution continues to be particularly rapid, driven by both the availability of new multi-wavelength survey data and the development of increasingly sophisticated simulations to model the complex behaviour of stars and gas (e.g. Agertz et al. 2011; Guo et al. 2011; Keres et al. 2009; Schaye et al. 2010).
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