The infrared Galactic disk: What have we learned?

Type Journal Article
Names E. Churchwell
Publication Assembling the Puzzle of the Milky Way, Le Grand-Bornand, France, Edited by C. Reylé; A. Robin; M. Schultheis; EPJ Web of Conferences, Volume 19, id.08004
Volume 19
Pages 08004
Date February 1, 2012
Short Title The infrared Galactic disk
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract A brief overview is given of some of the new insights we have achieved from the Spitzer/GLIMPSE/MIPSGAL surveys of the Galactic plane. Particular emphasis is given to infrared bubbles, rapidly accreting protostars, infrared dark clouds, and diffuse PAH emission. Large scale galactic structure based on the distribution of red clump giants will be discussed by Robert Benjamin in this volume.
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