Mapping the Extended Tail of the Magellanic Stream

Type Conference Paper
Names David L. Nidever, S. R. Majewski, W. Burton, L. Nigra, G. Besla, J. Ott, S. Stanimirovic, M. E. Putman, O. Agertz
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name AAS Meeting #221, #404.04
Volume 221
Date January 1, 2013
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Abstract For three decades the Magellanic Stream (MS) has been known as a 100-deg long stream trailing the Magellanic Clouds. Recently, Nidever et al. (2010) used a combination of HI datasets to show that the MS is at least ~140 deg long. A longer MS has important implications for the age of the Stream and mechanisms for its formation. Over the last two years we have conducted a large and deep HI survey on the 100-m Green Bank Telescope to map the MS to even larger angular distances. I will present first results from this survey and show that the MS is another 20-25 deg longer than previously thought, making it at least 160 deg long and extending above the MW diskplane. In addition, I will describe our efforts to use the length of the MS, in combination with orbital models, to constrain the mass of the Milky Way.
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