SEEDS Polarimetric Differential Imaging of LkCa 15

Type Conference Paper
Names John P. Wisniewski, M. Fukagawa, M. Goto, C. Grady, J. Hashimoto, T. Henning, K. Hodapp, M. Honda, M. Janson, T. Kudo, C. Thalmann, B. Whitney, M. Tamura, SEEDS Team
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #219, #344.06
Volume 219
Date January 1, 2012
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract LkCa 15 is young (3-5 Myr), solar-like, classical T Tauri system which is classified as a pre-transitional disk system from analysis of its IR SED (Espaillat et al 2007). Recent near-IR imagery of LkCa 15, obtained with the HiCIAO instrument as part of the Strategic Exploration of Exoplanets and Disks with Subaru (SEEDS) program, provided the first scattered light detection of the gap in the LkCa 15 disk (Thalmann et al 2010). We present a detailed analysis of H-band polarimetric differential imagery (PDI) of LkCa 15 obtained as part of the SEEDS program, along with Monte Carlo radiative transfer simulations of the system. We acknowledge funding from NSF AST 1009314 and AST 1008440.
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