X-ray line emission produced in clump bow shocks

Type Conference Paper
Names Joe P. Cassinelli, R. Ignace, W. Waldron, J. Cho, N. Murphy, A. Lazarian
Conference Name Clumping in Hot-Star Winds
Pages 217
Date April 1, 2008
URL http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2008cihw.conf..217C
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We summarize Chandra observations of the emission line profiles from 17 OB stars. The lines tend to be broad and unshifted. The forbidden/intercombination line ratios arising from Helium-like ions provide radial distance information for the X-ray emission sources, while the H-like to He-like line ratios provide X-ray temperatures, and thus also source temperature versus radius distributions. OB stars usually show power law differential emission measure distributions versus temperature. In models of bow shocks, we find a power law differential emission measure, a wide range of ion stages, and the bow shock flow around the clumps provides transverse velocities comparable to HWHM values. We find that the bow shock results for the line profile properties, consistent with the observations of X-ray line emission for a broad range of OB star properties.
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