The GALFA-HI Survey: Analyzing The New Ultra-Compact Cloud Catalog.

Type Conference Paper
Names Destry R. Saul, J. E. G. Peek, J. Grcevich, M. E. Putman, K. A. Douglas, E. J. Korpela, S. Stanimirovic, C. Heiles, M. Lee, S. J. Gibson, A. Begum, A. R. H. Brown, B. Burkhart, E. T. Hamden, N. M. Pingel, S. Tonnesen
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #219, #349.18
Volume 219
Date January 1, 2012
Short Title The GALFA-HI Survey
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract The GALFA-HI Ultra-Compact Cloud Catalog contains over 2000 neutral hydrogen clouds associated with the Galaxy that are smaller than 20'. The properties observable at 21cm, such as position, velocity, size, and linewidth, have allowed us to separate the catalog into five populations. These include cold and warm low-velocity clouds, high-velocity clouds, galaxy candidates, and low-velocity halo clouds. We will discuss the properties of each population and current investigations at other wavelengths.
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