GALEX Detection of Star Formation in and around E and S0 Galaxies

Type Conference Paper
Names Lea Zernow, J. Ryon, M. Seibert, D. Neill, B. F. Madore
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #215, #458.08
Volume 42
Pages 484
Date January 1, 2010
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We present the first results of an investigation into the GALEX-based UV morphology of 6,000 E and S0 galaxies selected from optical catalogs to be on the red sequence. A wide variety of unanticipated sites of apparent star formation are identified in this sample. These various types have been broadly grouped and classified into distinct modes of UV light production. We will illustrate and discuss each of the categories. We are grateful to the Rose Hills Foundation, the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and the Claremont Colleges for funding.
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