PySALT: SALT science pipeline

Type Journal Article
Names S. M. Crawford, M. Still, P. Schellart, L. Balona, D. A. H. Buckley, A. A. S. Gulbis, A. Kniazev, M. Kotze, N. Loaring, K. H. Nordsieck, T. E. Pickering, S. Potter, E. Romero Colmenero, P. Vaisanen, T. Wiliams, E. Zietsman
Publication Astrophysics Source Code Library
Pages 1207.010
Journal Abbreviation Astrophysics Source Code Library
Date July 1, 2012
Short Title PySALT
Library Catalog
Abstract The PySALT user package contains the primary reduction and analysis software tools for the SALT telescope. Currently, these tools include basic data reductions for RSS and SALTICAM in both imaging, spectroscopic, and slot modes. Basic analysis software for slot mode data is also provided. These tools are primarily written in python/PyRAF with some additional IRAF code.
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