Probing Galaxy Evolution with Spatially Resolved Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) Fitting Techniques

Type Conference Paper
Names John S. Gallagher, R. C. Kotulla
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name AAS Meeting #222, #214.14
Date June 1, 2013
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Abstract The morphology of a galaxy and the stellar populations within it are both closely linked to its past evolutionary history. Combining these two aspects therefore allows a more detailed investigation of the physical processes that govern galaxy evolution than obtained from an analysis based only on the colors of the stellar population. We present results of a prototype study fitting multi-wavelength photometry of galaxies pixel-by-pixel, allowing us to compute maps of stellar population physical properties that can typically be derived via SED fitting in combination with fits to surface brightnesses. These maps allow us to investigate the spatial correlation between physical parameters, such as stellar mass densities, star formation rate densities and dust extinctions. We will present preliminary examples from our study based on imaging with the WIYN telescopes demonstrating the power of this approach.
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