Fast Calculation of the Lomb-Scargle Periodogram Using Graphics Processing Units

Type Journal Article
Names R. H. D. Townsend
Publication The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
Volume 191
Issue 2
Pages 247-253
Date December 1, 2010
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract I introduce a new code for fast calculation of the Lomb-Scargle periodogram that leverages the computing power of graphics processing units (GPUs). After establishing a background to the newly emergent field of GPU computing, I discuss the code design and narrate key parts of its source. Benchmarking calculations indicate no significant differences in accuracy compared to an equivalent CPU-based code. However, the differences in performance are pronounced; running on a low-end GPU, the code can match eight CPU cores, and on a high-end GPU it is faster by a factor approaching 30. Applications of the code include analysis of long photometric time series obtained by ongoing satellite missions and upcoming ground-based monitoring facilities, and Monte Carlo simulation of periodogram statistical properties.
Tags Methods: Numerical, STARS: OSCILLATIONS, methods: data analysis, techniques: photometric
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