Magnetism of the He-weak star HR 2949†

Type Conference Paper
Names Thomas Rivinius, Gregg A. Wade, Richard H. D. Townsend, Matthew Shultz, Jason H. Grunhut, Otmar Stahl, Stahl
Conference Name IAU Symposium
Volume 272
Pages 210-211
Date July 1, 2011
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract A magnetic field and rotational line profile variability (lpv) is found in the He-weak star HR 2949. The field measured from metallic lines varies in a clearly non-sinusoidal way, and shows a phase lag relative to the morphologically similar He i equivalent width variations. The surface abundance patterns are strong and complex, and visible even in the hydrogen lines.
Tags stars: binaries, stars: early-type, stars: magnetic fields
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