Formation and Evolution of the SS 433 Jets

Type Conference Paper
Names Herman L. Marshall, S. Heinz, N. S. Schulz
Proceedings Title American Astronomical Society
Conference Name AAS Meeting #223, #323.07
Volume 223
Date January 1, 2014
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Abstract We present observations and modeling of the SS 433 relativistic jets based on contemporaneous X-ray, optical, and VLBA observations. The X-ray and optical emission line regions are found to be related but not coincident as the optical line emission persists for days while the X-ray emission lines fade in less than 5000 s. The line Doppler shifts from the optical and X-ray lines match well, indicating that they are less than 3e14 cm apart. The jet Doppler shifts show aperiodic variations that could result from shocks in interactions with the local environment. These perturbations are consistent with a change in jet direction but not jet speed. We present limits on the jet length and models of the jets that involve semi-relativistic shock heating and subsequent radiative and adiabatic cooling.
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