Commission 30: Radial Velocities

Type Journal Article
Names Guillermo Torres, Dimitri Pourbaix, Stephane Udry, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Robert D. Mathieu, Tsevi Mazeh, Dante Minniti, Claire Moutou, Francesco Pepe, Catherine Turon, Tomaz Zwitter
Publication Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, Series B
Volume 7
Issue T28
Pages 281-289
Date April 1, 2012
Short Title Commission 30
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract The past three-year period has seen steady efforts to collect large numbers of radial-velocity (RV) measurements, as well as important applications of radial velocities to astrophysics. Improvements in precision continue to be driven largely by exoplanet research. A workshop entitled ``Astronomy of Exoplanets with Precise Radial Velocities'' took place in August of 2010 at Penn State University (USA), and was attended by some 100 researchers from around the world. The meeting included thorough discussions of the current capabilities and future potential of the radial velocity technique, as well as data analysis algorithms to improve precision at visible and near-infrared wavelengths.
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