The OPTX Project: Comparing the Optical and X-Ray Spectral Properties of Active Galactic Nuclei

Type Conference Paper
Names Laura Trouille, Amy Barger
Proceedings Title Proceedings from IAU Symposium
Conference Name Co-Evolution of Central Black Holes and Galaxies
Volume 267
Pages 142
Series Proceedings from IAU Symposium
Date May 1, 2010
Short Title The OPTX Project
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract Using a uniformly selected and highly spectroscopically complete sample of Chandra X-ray sources, we show that one cannot use X-ray spectral classifications and optical spectral classifications equivalently. Until a better understanding is reached for how the X-ray and optical classifications relate to the obscuration of the central engine, the use of a mixed classification scheme can only complicate the interpretation of X-ray AGN samples.
Tags accretion disks, galaxies: active
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