SMA Observations on Faint Submillimeter Galaxies with S 850 < 2 mJy: Ultra Dusty Low-luminosity Galaxies at High Redshift

Type Journal Article
Names Chian-Chou Chen, Lennox L. Cowie, Amy J. Barger, Wei-Hao Wang, Jonathan P. Williams
Publication The Astrophysical Journal
Volume 789
Issue 1
Pages 12
Journal Abbreviation The Astrophysical Journal
Date July 1, 2014
DOI 10.1088/0004-637X/789/1/12
ISSN 0004-637X
Short Title SMA Observations on Faint Submillimeter Galaxies with S 850 < 2 mJy
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Abstract We obtained Submillimeter Array (SMA) observations of eight faint (intrinsic 850 μm fluxes < 2 mJy) submillimeter galaxies (SMGs) discovered in SCUBA images of the massive lensing cluster fields A370, A2390, and A1689 and detected five. In total, we obtain five SMA detections, all of which have de-lensed fluxes <1 mJy with estimated total infrared luminosities 1010-1012 L ⊙, comparable to luminous infrared galaxies and normal star-forming galaxies. Based on the latest number counts, these galaxies contribute ~70% of the 850 μm extragalactic background light and represent the dominant star-forming galaxy population in the dusty universe. However, only 40^{+30}_{-16}% of our faint SMGs would be detected in deep optical or near-infrared surveys, which suggests many of these sources are at high redshifts (z >~ 3) or extremely dusty, and they are not included in current star formation history estimates.
Tags cosmology: observations, galaxies: formation, galaxies: starburst, gravitational lensing: strong, submillimeter: galaxies
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