NuSTAR observation of V475 Sco

Type Journal Article
Names Vikram Rana, Marina Orio, Jeno Sokoloski, Fiona Harrison
Publication The Astronomer's Telegram
Volume 5913
Pages 1
Journal Abbreviation The Astronomer's Telegram
Date February 1, 2014
Library Catalog
Abstract V745 Sco (see ATel 5862, 5865, 5870, 5871, 5874, 5877, 5879, 5881, 5884, 5897) was observed 10 days after the announced optical discovery (R. Stubbings, AAVSO special notice #380), on 2014-02-16 at 00:51:07 UT with NuSTAR for about 25 kiloseconds. The exposure was not continuous and ended at 12:51:07 UT. A luminous hard X-ray source was detected, with a measured flux of (1.68±0.10) x 10(-11) erg/cm(2)/s in the 3-20 keV range.
Tags Nova, X-ray
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