Testing the fundamental plane of black hole activity with current and future radio data

Type Conference Paper
Names Francesco de Gasperin, Andrea Merloni, Sebastian Heinz, Paul Sell
Conference Name 38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
Volume 38
Pages 2636
Date 2010
URL http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2010cosp...38.2636D
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We will present a new X-ray/radio (Chandra/VLA) snapshot survey of a sample of 17 AGNs selected from the SDSS. The sample is chosen to span a wide range in both emission line and radio luminosity but with similar black hole mass and distance. We compare and calibrate [OIII], X-ray, and radio luminosities, investigate the nature and origin of radio-loudness, and test the "fundamental plane of black hole activity", i.e. the correlation between radio jet luminosity, accretion-powered X-ray luminosity and black hole mass. We will also describe future improvement on the study of the coupling between accretion and jet activity that will come from large AGN surveys with the new LOFAR Radio Telescope, and in particular from planned observations of low-luminosity radio AGN in the Virgo Cluster.
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