Enabling the Public to Experience Science from Beginning to End (Invited)

Type Journal Article
Names L. Trouille, Y. Chen, C. Lintott, S. Lynn, B. Simmons, A. Smith, C. Tremonti, L. Whyte, K. Willett, M. Zevin, Science Team, G. Moderator Team
Publication AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts
Volume 51
Pages 07
Journal Abbreviation AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts
Date December 1, 2013
URL http://adsabs.org/2013AGUFMED51D.07T
Library Catalog labs.adsabs.harvard.edu
Abstract In this talk we present the results of an experiment in collaborative research and article writing within the citizen science context. During July-September 2013, astronomers and the Zooniverse team ran Galaxy Zoo Quench (quench.galaxyzoo.org), investigating the mechanism(s) that recently and abruptly shut off star formation in a sample of post-quenched galaxies. Through this project, the public had the opportunity to experience the entire process of science, including galaxy classification, reading background literature, data analysis, discussion, debate, drawing conclusions, and writing an article to submit to a professional journal. The context was galaxy evolution, however, the lessons learned are applicable across the disciplines. The discussion will focus on how to leverage online tools to authentically engage the public in the entire process of science.
Tags 0800 EDUCATION, 0815 EDUCATION Informal education, 0855 EDUCATION Diversity
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