Deconstructing Disk Velocity Distribution Functions in the Disk-Mass Survey

Type Conference Paper
Names K. B. Westfall, M. A. Bershady, M. A. W. Verheijen, D. R. Andersen, R. A. Swaters, Jose G. Funes, Enrico Maria Corsini
Proceedings Title ASP Conference Series
Conference Name Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks, Proceedings of the conference held 1-5 October, 2007 at the Centro Convegni Matteo Ricci, Rome, Italy
Place San Francisco, CA
Publisher Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Volume 396
Pages 41
Series ASP Conference Series
Date October 1, 2008
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We analyze integral-field ionized gas and stellar line-of-sight kinematics in the context of determining the stellar velocity ellipsoid for spiral galaxies observed by the Disk-Mass Survey. Our new methodology enables us to measure, for the first time, a radial gradient in the ellipsoid ratio σ_z/σ_R. Random errors in this decomposition are 15% at two disk scale-lengths.
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