Cosmic Ray- and Thermal-Pressure Driven Winds: Does the Milky Way Host a Kpc-Scale Outflow?

Type Conference Paper
Names J. Everett, E. Zweibel, B. Benjamin, D. McCammon, Q. Schiller, L. Rocks, J. S. Gallagher
Proceedings Title EAS Publications Series
Conference Name EAS Publications Series
Volume 56
Pages 73-76
Date September 1, 2012
DOI 10.1051/eas/1256008
ISBN 1633-4760
Short Title Cosmic Ray- and Thermal-Pressure Driven Winds
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Abstract We show that the X-ray emission observed towards the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is consistent with a strong (2.1 M⊙/yr) outflow powered by both cosmic-ray pressure and thermal-gas pressure. In addition, the inferred launch parameters of such an outflow seem consistent with conditions inferred in the central Milky Way and other galaxies (although it is not clear if a significant vertical magnetic field exists in the center of the Galaxy). We also show that in galaxies with cosmic-ray pressure, gas pressure, and a vertical magnetic field component, cosmic-ray pressure can yield outflows over a wider range of conditions.
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