Stellar Populations and Star Formation of ALFALFA Galaxies in Coma-Abel 1367

Type Conference Paper
Names Cody Gerhartz, M. Jones, K. Hess, E. Wilcots
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #217, #149.31
Volume 43
Date January 1, 2011
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We present GALEX near-ultraviolet (NUV) and far-ultraviolet (FUV) photometry, Sloan Digital Sky Survey r and u-band photometry, as well as archival 2MASS observations for the Coma-Abell 1367 Supercluster. Our aim is to study the stellar populations and star formation history of HI-detected galaxies from the ALFALFA survey. We correct for the effects of interstellar reddening and inclination on the observed uv colors and derive an measure of the rate of recent and current star formation, and how they are linked to the HI content, of galaxies throughout the supercluster.
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