The ST5000: An Attitude Determination System with Low-Bandwidth Digital Imaging

Type Conference Paper
Names J. W. Percival, K. H. Nordsieck, F. R. Harnden, Francis A. Primini, Harry E. Payne
Proceedings Title ASP Conference Series
Conference Name Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Place San Francisco, CA
Publisher Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Volume 238
Pages 463
Series ASP Conference Series
Date 2001
Short Title The ST5000
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract The Space Astronomy Laboratory is building an attitude determination and digital imaging system with embedded compression. The attitude determination system uses a 30-square-degree field of view and an embedded star catalog to determine the Right Ascension and Declination of its line of sight to better than 5 arcseconds. The digital imaging subsystem uses a scheme of ``progressive image transmission'' in which the image is sent out over a very-low-bandwidth channel, such as a spacecraft telemetry downlink, in such a way that it can be reconstructed ``on the fly'' and updated as more data arrive. Large (768×474) useful images can be obtained over a 4-kbit downlink in as little as 10 seconds. In addition to its use in sounding rockets and spacecraft, we are planning to use it for two ground-based applications at the Southern Africa Large Telescope (SALT). We will explore its use in generating real-time measurements of the telescope pointing, independent of the telescope control system, and we will use the low bandwidth imaging capability for public outreach.
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