State-Changing Soft X-Ray Sources in M31: White Dwarfs? Neutron Stars? or Black Holes?

Type Conference Paper
Names Brandon Patel, Rosanne di Stefano, Thomas Nelson, Francis A. Primini, Jifeng Liu, Marina Orio
Conference Name Chandra's First Decade of Discovery
Pages 176
Date September 1, 2009
Short Title State-Changing Soft X-Ray Sources in M31
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract Our Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds contain ˜18 well studied supersoft x-ray sources (SSSs). None of these sources has ever been observed in a harder state. Two SSSs in M31 have, however, been observed in quasisoft and/or hard states. We have used Chandra, XMM-Newton, and Swift to document these changes. We present the results and discuss possible models for the sources.
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