Implementing a Paid Leave Policy for Graduate Students at UW-Madison: The Department Chair Perspective

Type Conference Paper
Names Robert D. Mathieu
Conference Name American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts, #221, #127.03
Volume 221
Date January 1, 2013
Short Title Implementing a Paid Leave Policy for Graduate Students at UW-Madison
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Abstract In 2010 the University of Wisconsin - Madison Astronomy Department developed and implemented a departmental paid leave policy for our graduate students, even though the university lacks a campus-wide policy and cannot provide institutional funding for such programs. This policy includes 12 weeks of paid leave in event of a medical emergency or chronic medical condition, as well as paid parental leave for both male and female graduate research assistants. Building on the graduate student perspective of Gosnell (2012), I will discuss the process of this successful development of a departmental family and medical leave policy for graduate students from the perspective of a faculty member and chair. In particular I will discuss implications of university policies, the importance of faculty and staff support, the role of private funds, and issues of effort certification.
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