Jet-driven feedback in galaxy clusters

Type Conference Paper
Names Sebastian Heinz, Brian Morsony, Marcus Bruggen, Mateusz Ruszkowski
Conference Name 38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
Volume 38
Pages 2615
Date 2010
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract A decade of Chandra imaging has provided us with overwhelming evidence for the large scale impact black holes have on the inner regions of galaxy clusters. While it is now mostly accepted that jets play a major role in heating cool core clusters, the details of just how the heating occurs and whether it is sufficient to halt cooling are still unclear. We will present results from a series of numerical investigations that aim to illuminate how jets interact with the intracluster medium, with the primary aim to connect observed properties of radio sources and X-ray cavities to the underlying dynamics of feedback. In particular, we will argue that the dynamical state of the cluster is critically important for the evolution of radio sources, and inferences about the power and duty cycle of jets made on the basis of models that neglect cluster weather are likely to be incorrect.
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