Ionized Gas in the Magellanic Bridge: A First Look at New Observations with WHAM

Type Conference Paper
Names K. A. Barger, L. M. Haffner
Conference Name American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #217
Volume 217
Date January 1, 2011
Short Title Ionized Gas in the Magellanic Bridge
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We present a first look at new spectroscopic Ha observations towards the Magellanic Bridge. This is the first part of an ongoing study to investigate warm ionized gas within the Bridge in extensive detail using the Wisconsin H-alpha Mapper observatory. When completed, these Ha observations will map the extent and large-scale velocity structure of the ionized gas, giving clues on the source(s) of ionization, the ionization fraction, and the mass of the ionized component. Future work will include extensively mapping the Bridge in Ha, [S II], and [N II] as well as deep, targeted pointings in optical lines to gain additional information on the electron temperature, metallicity, and sources of the ionization. This study will substantially advance our knowledge of the ionized component of the Bridge and will provide new insights on how this system is evolving and interacting with the Magellanic Clouds. This WHAM research is funded through NSF award AST-0607512.
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