M 31 novae M31N 2012-06a and M31N 2014-02a detected in X-rays with XMM-Newton

Type Journal Article
Names M. Henze, R. Sturm, J.-U. Ness, J. Greiner, M. Della Valle, G. Sala, M. Hernanz, A. W. Shafter, K. Hornoch, M. Orio, D. H. Hartmann, A. Kaur, D. Hatzidimitriou, M. Middleton
Publication The Astronomer's Telegram
Volume 6564
Pages 1
Journal Abbreviation The Astronomer's Telegram
Date October 1, 2014
URL http://adsabs.org/2014ATel.6564.1H
Library Catalog adslabs.org
Abstract We report the detection of two M 31 novae as supersoft X-ray sources (SSS) in a recent XMM-Newton target of opportunity (ToO) observation. The 24 ks observation was obtained on 2014-08-09.89 UT to study the SSS emission of nova M31N 2014-02a, previously detected by Swift (ATel #6374).
Tags Nova, Transient
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