Galaxy Physics via the Disk Stellar Velocity Ellipsoid

Type Conference Paper
Names Kyle B. Westfall, Matthew A. Bershady, Marc A. W. Verheijen, Thomas P. K. Martinsson, David R. Andersen, Rob A. Swaters, Victor P. Debattista, Cristina C. Popescu
Proceedings Title AIP Conference Proceedings
Conference Name Hunting for the Dark: the Hidden Side of Galaxy Formation
Place Melville, NY
Publisher American Institute of Physics
Volume 1240
Pages 429-430
Series AIP Conference Proceedings
Date June 1, 2010
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We briefly review measurements of the disk stellar velocity ellipsoid (SVE) completed [1] for the Disk-Mass Survey [2] and illustrate additional Calar Alto PMAS/PPak data that will supplement these results. This discussion is motivated by the fundamental physical insights into both the disk and overall gravitational potential provided by the three-dimensional (3D) description of the SVE.
Tags Electrostatics, Masses, Poisson and Laplace equations, Poisson equation, Relativity and gravitation, STELLAR MASS, boundary-value problems, gravitation, spiral galaxies
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