Photometry of Polar-Ring Galaxies

Type Journal Article
Names A. Godínez-Martínez, A. M. Watson, L. D. Matthews, L. S. Sparke
Publication Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica
Volume 43
Pages 315-327
Date October 1, 2007
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We have obtained photometry in B and R for seven confirmed or probable polar-ring galaxies from the Polar-Ring Catalog of Whitmore et al. (1990). The rings show a range of colors from B - R ≈ 0.6 to B - R ≈ 1.7. The bluest rings have bright H II regions, which are direct evidence for recent star formation. The minimum age of the reddest ring, that in PRC B-20, is somewhat uncertain because of a lack of knowledge of the internal reddening and metallicity, but appears to be at least 1.2 Gyr. As such, this ring is likely to be stable for at least several rotation periods. This ring is an excellent candidate for future studies that might better determine if it is truly old.
Tags GALAXIES: STELLAR CONTENT, Galaxies: Halos, Galaxies: Photometry
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