Galaxy evolution begins at home: GALFA and GASKAP

Type Conference Paper
Names S. Stanimirovic
Conference Name Proceedings of the ISKAF2010 Science Meeting. June 10 -14 2010. Assen, the Netherlands. Published online at
Pages 52
Date 2010
Short Title Galaxy evolution begins at home
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract While studies of galaxy evolution generally focus on extensive HI surveys at large redshifts, we argue in this paper that the understanding of detailed physical processes that drive HI evolution in galaxies is equally important. Specifically, we focus on three open questions regarding the very first step in the star-formation cycle in galaxies: How much do galaxy halos flavor and tax the accretion flows that are postulated to bring fresh star-formation fuel to galaxy disks? What are the basic properties of the warm neutral gas, the progenitor of cold star-forming clouds? And, what are the origin and level of interstellar inhomogeneities as seeding agents for molecule and star formation? The very local Universe (The Milky Way and nearby galaxies) offers an unparalleled high-resolution view for answering these questions and the upcoming radio telescopes (e.g. EVLA, ASKAP, MeerKAT, ATA-256) promise great advances.
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