Exploring Regimes in Black Hole Scaling

Type Conference Paper
Names Sebastian Heinz, Andrea Merloni
Proceedings Title Proceedings of IAU Symposium
Conference Name Feeding Compact Objects: Accretion on All Scales
Volume 290
Pages 29-36
Date February 1, 2013
DOI 10.1017/S174392131201914X
ISBN 1743-9221
URL http://adsabs.org/2013IAUS.290.29H
Library Catalog labs.adsabs.harvard.edu
Abstract Recent observational evidence suggests the existence of two tracks in the radio-X-ray relation for X-ray binaries. Claims have also been made for deviations from the so-called fundamental plane of black hole activity due to the influence of radiative cooling on synchrotron emission from jets and the relative importance of disk and jet emission. In addition, cases of strongly boosted classes of objects, such as BL Lacs, show evidence for jet emission in their location relative to the fundamental plane. In light of the recent literature activity discussing these issues, we revisit the scaling relations expected for synchrotron emission from jet cores. We review the set of scaling laws expected for different types of emission and discuss their relevance to the new observational data, and the conditions under which breaks in the observed scaling relations should be expected. None of the canonical cases offer a satisfactory explanation for the best fit slope of the steep branch of the radio-X-ray relation in hard-state X-ray binaries.
Tags Black holes, Synchrotron Emission, jets
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