Gamma-ray burst jet dynamics and their interaction with the progenitor star

Type Journal Article
Names Davide Lazzati, Brian J. Morsony, Mitchell C. Begelman
Publication Royal Society of London Philosophical Transactions Series A
Volume 365
Issue 1845
Pages 1141-1149
Date May 1, 2007
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract The association of at least some long gamma-ray bursts with type Ic supernova explosions has been established beyond reasonable doubt. Theoretically, the challenge is to explain the presence of a light hyper-relativistic flow propagating through a massive stellar core without losing those properties. We discuss the role of the jet-star interaction in shaping the properties of the outflow emerging on the surface of the star. We show that the nature of the inner engine is hidden from the observer for most of the evolution, well beyond the time of the jet breakout on the stellar surface. The discussion is based on analytical considerations as well as high resolution numerical simulations. Finally, the observational consequences of the scenario are addressed in light of the present capabilities.
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