Clustering of EROs from UKIDSS DXS and Pan-STARRS PS1

Type Conference Paper
Names J.-W. Kim, A. C. Edge, D. A. Wake, V. Gonzalez-Perez, C. M. Baugh, C. G. Lacey
Proceedings Title Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union
Conference Name The Intriguing Life of Massive Galaxies
Volume 295
Pages 59-59
Date July 1, 2013
DOI 10.1017/S1743921313004298
ISBN 1743-9221
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Abstract We have measured the angular two-point correlation function of EROs. The halo model is fitted to the observed clustering, and dark matter halo mass, bias and satellite fraction are estimated in three redshift bins. We also compare our results with the semi-analytical galaxy formation model. This work illustrates the power of clustering analysis in providing observational constraints on simulations.
Tags Galaxies: Halos, infrared: galaxies, large-scale structure
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