Circumstellar and Circumbinary Disks in Eccentric Stellar Binaries

Type Conference Paper
Names L. A. Aguilar, B. S. Pichardo, L. S. Sparke
Conference Name Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica Conference Series
Volume 34
Pages 91-97
Date December 1, 2008
Library Catalog NASA ADS
Abstract We study the existence of stable trajectories, where gas could accumulate to form accretion discs, around stars that form binary systems in eccentric orbits. Since the potential is time dependent, no fixed, periodic, close orbits exist. Instead, we search for invariant loops: closed curves that change shape in synchronism with the binary orbital phase. Non-intersecting loops can provide the scaffolding for circumstellar and circumbinary discs in these systems. We investigate the range of regions in phase space where these non-intersecting loops can exist and find this to depend on both, the mass ratio of the stars and their orbital eccentricity, with a strong dependence on the latter. The recent discovery of planets within close binary systems makes this work very relevant.
Tags Stars: Circumstellar Matter, Stellar Dynamics, planetary systems: protoplanetary disks, stars: binaries
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