Cosmic ray production and emission in M82

Type Conference Paper
Names Tova Yoast-Hull, John Everett, J. S. Gallagher, Ellen Zweibel
Proceedings Title Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union
Conference Name The Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies
Volume 284
Pages 397-399
Date August 1, 2012
DOI 10.1017/S1743921312009490
ISBN 1743-9221
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Abstract Starting from first principles, we construct a simple model for the evolution of energetic particles produced by supernovae in the starburst galaxy M82. The supernova rate, geometry, and properties of the interstellar medium are all well observed in this nearby galaxy. Assuming a uniform interstellar medium and constant cosmic-ray injection rate, we estimate the cosmic-ray proton and primary & secondary electron/positron populations. From these particle spectra, we predict the gamma ray flux and the radio synchrotron spectrum. The model is then compared to the observed radio and gamma-ray spectra of M82 as well as previous models by Torres (2004), Persic et al. (2008), and de Cea del Pozo et al. (2009). Through this project, we aim to build a better understanding of the calorimeter model, in which energetic particle fluxes reflect supernova rates, and a better understanding of the radio-FIR correlation in galaxies.
Tags COSMIC RAYS, GALAXIES: INDIVIDUAL (M82), galaxies: starburst, gamma rays: theory, radio continuum: galaxies
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