Is NGC 253 A Calorimeter?

Type Conference Paper
Names Tova Yoast-Hull, J. S. Gallagher, E. G. Zweibel, J. E. Everett
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name AAS Meeting #221, #157.05
Volume 221
Date January 1, 2013
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Abstract Based on our semi-analytic model for M82 (Yoast-Hull et al. 2012), we have developed and applied a model for cosmic ray interactions in starburst galaxies as a means to test the calorimeter model. We aim to determine whether the model is generic and applicable to other starburst systems. NGC 253 and M82 are the only starburst galaxies detected at GeV and TeV energies. Assuming constant cosmic-ray acceleration efficiency with Milky Way parameters, we calculate the cosmic-ray proton and primary & secondary electron/positron populations. From the cosmic-ray spectra and observed parameters of the interstellar medium of the NGC 253 starburst nucleus and its wind, we predict the radio and gamma-ray spectra and compare with published measurements.
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