Andrew Schechtman-Rook

Graduate Student

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Office: 6511C Sterling Hall

Research Interests:

I am chiefly interested in the stellar populations of spiral galaxies. Other interests include (but are not limited to) tidal dwarf galaxies, the effects of galactic dust on observed photometric and kinematic parameters of external galaxies, and computational methods for machine learning and vision.



I am a postdoc (formerly graduate student) working with Matt Bershady.

My research interests all have to do with understanding the detailed interplay between dust and starlight in spiral galaxies. For my thesis I focused specifically on edge-on spirals, first constructing advanced 3D radiative transfer models of NGC 891 and then applying those models to near-infrared images of edge-ons to unveil the intrinsic distribution of starlight. I have also worked on identifying a new tidal dwarf galaxy candidate from archival ultraviolet, optical, infrared, and radio data.

When I'm not doing astronomy, I write about NFL statistics and analytics here.

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