Chris Bard

Graduate Student

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Ph: 608-890-3771
Office: 3511B Sterling Hall

Research Interests:

I do computer simulations of magnetospheres, both around stars and the Earth. My simulations run in parallel on computer clusters, some on CPUs and others on GPUs.


I am a second-year grad student working with Prof. Rich Townsend (UW-Madison) and Dr. John Dorelli (NASA-GSFC) on simulating magnetospheres. With Dr. Townsend, I am studying the magnetospheres of massive stars, in particular Sigma Orionis E. Since Sig Ori E has a very strong magnetic field, the stellar wind flowing out from its surface gets channelled along its field lines and confined in a magnetosphere orbiting the star. I am using a one-dimensional rigid-field hydrodynamic code to simulate the flow along a single field line. Many of these field line simulations can be run concurrently in parallel, and the results stitched together to obtain a comprehensive picture of the more

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