Washburn Astronomical Laboratories Established

The Washburn Astronomical Laboratories is a new organization within the department dedicated to the development and implementation of astronomical instrumentation.

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Natalie Gosnell and Andrew Schechtman-Rook Receive Chambliss Awards

Graduate students Natalie Gosnell and Andrew Schechtman-Rook have received Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Awards for the exemplary research they presented at poster sessions at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting.

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Andrew Schechtman-Rook Wins Whitford Award

Graduate student Andrew Schechtman-Rook has received the 2012-13 Whitford Award for his development of techniques to realistically model the three-dimensional distributions of dust and stars in galaxies.

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Natalie Gosnell Leads Department Forward

Using Hubble Space Telescope data, graduate student Natalie Gosnell is investigating the formation mechanisms of blue straggler stars. She also worked to implement departmental policies.

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Washburn Observer

The fall 2012 issue of the department newsletter is now available online.

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