Welcome ‘17/‘18 Class of Grad Students!

Oct 05, 2017

Welcome to the department to our incoming class of graduate students.

Aaron Lopez, B.S. in Applied Physics, University of California - Santa Cruz. Aaron is working with Professor Rich Townsend studying oscillation modes of stellar interiors. The goal of their work is to map instability strips -- regions of a stellar parameter space where oscillations may arise spontaneously.

Joshua Oppor, B.S. in Physics and Astronomy, University of Washington. Joshua will be working with Professor Matt Bershady and Marsha Wolf to develop next-generation integral field units (IFUs) for the 11-meter SALT telescope in South Africa (see “High Fiber Diet”, below), as well as a 5000-fiber system feeding two clusters of optical spectrographs, forming the core of the next-generation SDSS program called the Local Volume Mapper.

Catherine Witherspoon, B.S. in Physics, James Madison University. Catherine is joining Professor Eric Wilcots and the CHILES (Cosmos HI Large Extragalactic Survey) conducting a 1000 hour-long survey using the Very Large Array to study the evolution of neutral hydrogen in galaxies over the past 4.6 billion years of cosmic evolution. She will research how the gas content of galaxies has evolved as a function of the stellar mass.

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